3 SEO Mistakes

1. Not Mastering the Keywords

Knowing your business-related keywords is one thing and mastering them is another. Being a master in keyword research, you should have understanding, which keywords will help to get sales and which keywords will work for brand awareness. You can’t mix both of them, so make a separate list of sales related keywords and brand awareness keywords. Use tools like Keywords planner, Google Trends, Google etc to find out the best keywords for your business. Master the keywords or simply hire the masters of keywords for the job.

2. Focusing on Links Quantity

There was a time when the quantity of building links was more important than the quality. If we talk about the present day, Google has cracked down severely on low quality and spam links and other links which were trying to manipulate Google’s ranking in many ways. So what can we do? Well, the key to link-building success is to generate natural quality links. Focus on earning the links by sharing the good quality and engaging content. Guest blogging, info graphics, explained videos, and broken link building methods etc. are easy and best ways of earning the natural back-links.

3. Not Structuring Website Properly

Has it happened to you at any point in time that you watched a great movie with great acting, dialogues and material but you thought that it could have been made better or some scenes were unnecessary? This is the same with your website. How your website is structured is extremely important for your SEO strategies. The structure of your website should be extremely smooth and spiders from search engines should be able to move from one page to another and the pages deep in the layers of your website easily. But the question is, how can you make your website structure user-friendly? Here are the few easy and effective ways:

- Make your website URL structure neat and clean
- Use of breadcrumbs
- Do internal linking in the content
- Use HTML and XML sitemaps
- Use the structure data markups on your website
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