3 Ways To Make Your Website More Accessible

As use of the internet continues to expand, your website has to become more attractive to all users. Creating accessibility has become a big challenge for modern web designers, but it’s worth the effort. Taking the proper steps to enhance accessibility improves the chances of more people accessing your site and seeing what you have to offer. To accommodate the need for accessibility and simplicity of use, there is no better time than now to make the proper changes to your website’s design. Whether you are in the beginning stages of your website’s development, or are a practiced web-design expert, the following tips can help improve your site’s accessibility.
Use Color Appropriately
Individuals with certain disabilities will benefit from color when it is used as a means of identifying and organizing a website’s content. Use color in conjunction with other visual markers, such as question marks, asterisks, and other forms of punctuation. Make sure to use visual gaps, like white space or borders, to separate portions of content from one another.

You might also want to consider featuring high contrasting colors on your website. Distinguishing colors can help visually challenged individuals, such as those who are colorblind, move throughout your website and understand its navigation.
Provide Text Descriptions for Images and Videos
Feature text descriptions for all images and videos on your website. Since screen readers cannot read images and videos, providing text descriptions can help visually challenged individuals grasp the meaning of this type of content.

You can easily describe an image with either an alt text or caption. Having a text description is particularly crucial for informational visuals, like infographics, so always provide the correlated text next to your images in order to properly communicate the intended message.
Establish a Consistent Layout

Ensuring your layout is simple and clear is the best means of creating accessibility. Even though intricate website designs can bolster the experience of some users, fancy designs can frustrate others and make navigation more complicated than it should be. Opting for a minimalist design based on a consistent format can make navigating easier for all viewers.
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