3 Ways to Boost SEO

There are lots of ways to improve how high your site ranks on major search engines, and we've highlighted three to get you started:
1) Add Unique Content to Your Site

Brainstorm keywords that your audience might use to find you. Anytime you add content to your site - blog posts, product descriptions, an "About Us" section, etc. - it should be rich with those keywords. Unique, quality content also gives other sites reasons to link to you, and building backlinks is part of the popularity factor search engines pay attention to.
2) Place Keywords in Key Places

Those same keywords should appear in your page titles, headings and subheadings (in terms of content and code). However, that doesn't mean you should cram them anywhere you can. Use them where they're relevant, and if they aren't relevant in certain places, replace them with words that are.
3) Submit Your Site to Search Engines

Included free with your hosting plan, SubmitNet's SEO tools allow you to submit your website to popular search engines. Gold and Platinum plans offer competitor analysis, meta tag generation, and more.
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