Importance of Typography to The Website

Typography is simply the manner in which text is arranged on a document, or for the purposes of this article, on a web page. It is often considered an art, especially since typography is closely tied to creativity and innovation. Typography serves many purposes, from underscoring a theme, defining personality, emphasizing ideas, putting emotions on display, generating interest and building an overall design aesthetic. It is the intersection of layout and content and is an integral part of web design for any website.
Typography Underscores The Website’s Visual Personality

Upon first glance, visitors to your website should be able to determine what it is all about. There is plenty of psychology at play here, and a lot of subtexts is developed almost instantaneously.

By taking cues from the colors, layout, and typography, they can sense an overarching tone, mood, message, and theme even without having to study the written content or look at the pictures. Within a few seconds, visitors will decide whether they are members of the target audience or dismiss the website as simply not for them.

Typography helps achieve this goal, as the interplay of individual visual elements works synergistically with each other to elicit the desired emotional response.
Typography Helps To Define Your Brand

Your brand is more than just a logo. Just like Nike’s trademark Swoosh, or Starbucks’ Siren, the typography for those actual brand names are just as recognizable and contribute to brand perception.

Take any well-known brand and simply change their font to something else. Even if the brand uses a font that is used in a lot of other contexts, the combination of typography and logo contribute to how people identify and perceive the brand such that the two cannot be divorced.

It goes without saying that if you have an iconic logo and it’s complemented with typography that’s just right, the combination stands out in the minds of your customers, carrying your brand forward.
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