Four Benefits Using Responsive Web

1. Cost Effective and Lower Maintenance

Since different layouts are required for different devices, having two models for a single website will increase the cost of website development. Instead of that, having a responsive web design which works on every device will not only save on costs but will also increase the reach of your business to different users.

Also, maintaining two different versions of a single is not at all feasible when you can have a responsive website. It will save the cost of maintenance of the website, and you can invest the saved amount in making the website more appealing and user-friendly on all devices.
2. Increase User Experience

These days, users are looking to have the same experience of a website, no matter what device they are on. Non-responsive websites distort the user experience as they don’t appear the same across the board. The desktop version of a website may provide the best user experience, but when a consumer visits a website on a phone or tablet, the texts usually is jumbled, image alignment is distorted, and navigation becomes tough. All of the above can discourage a consumer from continuing to browse your site, resulting in the consumer forming an unfavorable opinion of your site, and losing business to your competitors online that most likely are using responsive web design.

Unlike the before-mentioned scenario, imagine a site which transforms itself to any screen size without making significant changes to the appearance. The user is more likely to stay on a website which is easy to use and doesn’t rely on the consumer’s screen size.
3. Increased Traffic 

With the increased number of mobile phone users, the majority of the traffic that a website receives is from mobile devices. Users can access the internet anytime and at anyplace, and having a site which suits all devices and screen sizes is likely to get more traffic than just the desktop versions.

The similarity in the appearance of the website on desktop and mobile is what attracts user the most. It also makes it easier for the user to visit the website on any device.
4. Adaptability to Screen Size

New devices with new screen sizes (like Infinity Display in iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8) and new functionalities are being launched intermittently as of late. Responsive web design will let the user get the best experience of your website even on the latest devices.

You don’t have to set the layout dimensions or anything of the like; the website will automatically decide how it can best appear on any screen. It saves a lot of time and energy for the developer while simultaneously increasing the usability of the website on any device.
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