Three Poor Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

While having a website can give a positive side of your business, a bad website can give damage to your brand. You don’t want to lose out on prospective customers so it’s essential you are aware of what constitutes bad web design. Knowing this will help you improve your current site.
1. Your website has poor content

Content is what drives people to visit your website and no matter what business sector you are in, people want to find out what you have to offer. So, it’s always a frustrating experience when a website has badly written content, or even worse, a bare website. This adds no value to your potential customers and can be a deterrent for them ever visiting your website again.

2. Your website has a poor layout

Even if you do have some excellent content on your website, it is absolutely useless if your customers can’t find it. Too many websites has menu structures that don’t make sense, pages are hidden away, and there’s no contact details to be found anywhere.

After a couple of minutes looking for that much-needed information, your website visitors will just drop off and you’ll be left without a business opportunity. And all because of a poorly structured website design experience.

3. Your website is not mobile-friendly

With over half of Google searches now done on a mobile device, having a website that isn't built for mobile is make your website leave behind. You’re already cutting your potential web traffic down by half, because nobody likes using a static website on a mobile device. 
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